Next Steps 

If you’ve made a decision, to put Jesus Christ first in your life, we want to help you move from that point of decision to a vibrant and fulfilling relationship with your heavenly Father. Next Steps, the first part of our overall, comprehensive, discipleship track here at Epic Church, will build a firm foundation of the essentials of your faith. From the fundamentals of who your Heavenly Father is to the person of the Holy Spirit; from salvation to understanding the impact of His love and grace on your life and how to develop the faith to believe. 

We want to prepare you to find a place in this local community of believers and experience the fulfillment of investing your precious gifts in the lives of others. Join a Next Steps Life Group or ask about our upcoming Next Steps podcast. We also have a video program available. 

Epic Church is about transformed lives, and this is the next step in your transformation; no turning back!

For more information, contact us at or call us at 732-727-9500. 

Next Steps: Get ready to grow!