Next Steps 

If you have just come to know the Lord Jesus Christ, or are looking to share your gifts and get involved in the local church, Next Steps is for you! Beginning with the basics, we will embark on a journey from the fundamentals of who your Heavenly Father is to the gifts of the Holy Spirit; from salvation to how to live your life at home, at work and everywhere else! It is designed not only to introduce new believers to what the Word has to say about them, but to prepare seasoned believers to share those truths with others as they prepare for the work of the ministry. Our desire is to help you find your place in the local church and experience the fulfilment of investing your precious gifts in the lives of others.  


Next Steps is the first part of our overall comprehensive discipleship track here at Epic Church. The program runs from September through June covering almost every topic you need for your day to day life. Classes are offered at 10:30 am on Sundays and can be started at various intervals. An online version is also available. We look forward to seeing you as you take your Next Steps here at ECI! 

It’s time to grow!