ECI is dedicated to educating God’s people concerning the work of the cross and what that has done for us, as well as the responsibility we have to teach that to others. Our purpose at Advanced Christian Training School is to make available to the Body of Christ a quality education in the Word of God, taught by seasoned instructors, focused on developing strong Christian character. A.C.T.S. is for every Christian who is interested in becoming a true disciple of Jesus Christ; both young believers and established Christians. Your education will help develop discipline for study and life application as well as bring you to the higher level of maturity you are seeking.

Since 1981, we have consistently been offering the kind of education that is fundamental to the understanding of the true nature of your relationship with The Father as well as with the Body of Christ. It is our desire to see you fulfill your destiny and calling in the local church by investing your gifts in your local church community.

This year, we will continue to offer our hybrid program. Classes will meet in person on four predetermined dates per trimester, with the other eight classes being remote/video. Those same courses can also be taken remote only. We will also be offering courses that are remote only with no in-person meetings. Please feel free to contact us for more specific information on how our program works.


If you are seeking an education founded in God's Word, look no further than Advanced Christian Training School!


Live classes are scheduled for Tuesday and Wednesday evenings from 7:00-9:00 pm.


3rd Trimester